My name is Sara Winoy…

… and you have found my website!

I am a daydreamer and gamer, a hobbyist photographer and am currently exploring photography but also other hobbies. This webpage is my expression of my hobbyist passions, my games and also my daydreaming.

My way of doing this will be through heated blog-posting, uploads of images into my Photo gallery as well as a direct link to my YouTube channel (Zharwyn).

There, you can find some of my greatest experiences of music, and the passion that stemmed from it.



In my life I have experienced everything from performing inspirational speeches..

.. to being crushed. Hurt by dispicable people to loved and cherished by the best.

I’ve come and gone across my world experiencing, exploring and fulfilling my dreams and passions.

This is the essence of my daydreaming, one of the things I intend to express.

I have enjoyed gaming in general for over twenty years.

Having played the games that most share over nostalgia, and some more, I have found myself finding comfort in this type of entertainment.

I strongly believe in that gaming is just another type of entertainment, entertainment brought forth by a lifestyle – nothing to look down on, nothing insinuating anything about the person in practice.

This is the essence of my gaming, one of the things I intend to express.

As mentioned, there are plenty of things I have experienced..

.. but there are still countless more things I dream of experiencing. Anything that can be called hobby or lifestyle is of interest to me.

I would not soon associate myself with any of it, but I would always love to try it all.

This is the essence of my hobbyist passion, one of the things I intend to express.